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Set up a health check

System Health Check Investment $500

  • System Health check investment will be a credit towards health check issues that are approved for solution
  • If no Health check issues to solution; other than giving you a big high five (show emoji high five) for being a system legend the $500 investment will be credited to your first system scope project and systems strategy solutions once approved.
  • Our System Health Check is a 70-point review tool designed to diagnose and fix your Zoho applications implementation.
  • Zoho System Diagnosis and help implement an evergreen method to the Zoho system and utilize Zoho applications to their full potential.
  • Ensure you have a good understanding of what is impacting your business performance and can then take timely steps to address it.
  • Develop strategies to attract, convert, and retain more clients to your business
  • Identify any current problems and predict future issues, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your systems.
  • Enable you to streamline or redesign current processes to hit business targets and budgets effectively.  
  • A systems health check will alert you to any instabilities and issues within your IT system, so you can make alterations to optimize the performance of your system.