Yes, SEMRush is free to use! There are two types of free accounts within SEMRush. Below are those accounts that you can sign up for.

Basic, Sign-up Account

The first is the basic, sign-up account that will grant basic access to the tool itself with very limited features and functionality.

Users that benefit greatly from this type of account…

This kind of free account is meant for small-time freelancers, very small businesses, students, and researchers who don’t have the purchasing power for a full account.

7-Day Free Trial

The second free account is a 7-day free trial account. This kind of account will provide full access of the tool suite to its user for 7 days.

Free users from the first account type can opt to trial either the Pro or Guru accounts that SEMRush offers. When creating this kind of account, you will be needing to provide your card details during the account creation process.

Users are free to cancel their subscriptions before the trial ends to avoid their card being charged. However, they will be automatically charged for either a Pro or Guru account that they have signed up for once the trial ends.


Users that benefit greatly from this type of account…

A 7-day trial account is perfect for users with a medium or larger-sized growing business that needs support with marketing. It can be also used by both marketing departments or professionals that are looking for a new platform to work with/switch to.


Additionally, professionals working in agencies and individual marketing consultants will love the tool suite’s functionality and features. Lastly, existing users of the tool suite can also greatly benefit from this, as they can opt to try out the full features for 7 days.